5 of the Worlds Craziest Hot Tubs!

Posted on August 7, 2012 · Posted in Hot Tub Fun

The vast majority of our hot tub deliveries take us into people’s back gardens, beer gardens and the occasional nightclub. We’ve even set up 5 hot tubs in an industrial warehouse for a student party, but even that does not come close to the weird and quite frankly outlandish locations we’re about to show you. Without further ado, here’s our top 5 favourite crazy hot tubs this planet has to offer!

5. Hot Tub Cinema – London, UK

Hot Tub Cinema

What do you get when you combine a trip to the cinema with an evening in a hot tub? You guessed it, Hot Tub Cinema. This fantastic concept is taking London by storm and that’s no small part thanks to its location- on top of a multistory building! We can’t think of a better city centre hot tub location than a rooftop terrace with the glorious London night skyline as the backdrop. The fact there’s beer, BBQ’s and a cinema thrown into the equation just makes it all the better, great job guys!

4. Hot Tub Boats – Washington, USA

Hot Tub on a Boat

Imagine navigating the peaceful waters of Lake Union with the sweeping views of the Seattle skyline, while relaxing in a luxurious floating hot tub. Well, imagine no more! This amazing new concept of Hot Tub Boats is making waves in more ways than one. Whilst still in its implementation phase we think it’s going to be a big hit across the world. You can see more about the brainchild behind the innovation and his plans for the future in this video here.

3. Igloo Hot Tub – Switzerland

Igloo Hot Tub

Hats off to the people who have made hot tubs work in some of the coldest locations in the world – the ski resorts of central Europe for example. If spending the night in an igloo wasn’t cool enough (no pun intended!) and you’re willing to part with a little bit of extra money, the Iglu Dorf resort will let you have free roam of one of their snow buried igloo enclosed hot tubs. Now thats what we call a luxury ski resort.

2. Floating Iceberg Hot Tub – Kielder Water & Forest Park, UK

Floating Iceberg Hot Tub

From the minds of artists Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich comes the Sci-Fi Hot Tub, an inflatable iceberg filled with a fully functional jacuzzi spa. Created solely as an experiment to examine the idea that the public’s view of modern art might change for the better when viewed from within the cosy surroundings of the hot tub. Well, we’re not keen on its purpose, but the outcome was pretty good!

1. Suspended Hot Tub – Gueuroz Bridge, Switzerland

Suspended Hot Tub

Relaxation in a hot tub is usually guaranteed, that’s assuming your jacuzzi party wasn’t devised by a 25 strong team of daredevils! A 600 foot high bridge in Switzerland plays host to the craziest hot tub party in the world, as a 12 hour assembly mission mixes creativity and stupidity in equal measures. Dangling almost 500 ft off the ground the project eventually became fruitful as the thrill seekers witness their dream of dangling off a bridge in a hot tub. You can see more of what went into creating this stunt here.

Have you seen any wacky hot tubs that we’ve missed? What would be your bonkers setting for a jacuzzi party? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below. Thanks for reading.