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Frequently Asked Questions. Should your query not be answered we welcome you to contact us

How long does it normally take to fill the hot tubs with water?
It usually takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes depending on the water supply pressure.
How long will it take to heat the water?
With this you have 2 options. Option 1, you fill the tub with cold water from a hose and use the tub to fully heat the water, which will take around 8 hours to get the temperature to the desired 40 degree level. Option 2, you use a tap adapter with the hose to hot fill. Doing this means that it will only take around 1 hour before the tub is ready to use. See our filling and heating guide for more details.
Can you use the hot tubs if pregnant?
You should seek full medical advice from your doctor.
Do I need to add any further chemicals to the hot tub?
We will add chlorine and chemicals to the tub upon set it up. After this, you should test the water and add the provided chemicals at time intervals instructed to you on our arrival. Please see our testing the water guide for more information.
Do I need to constantly add water?
No, once filled on set up will be enough for the duration of your hire. The only reason you would need to top up would be if a large amount of water was splashed out of the tub, which is very rare.
Is the hot tub electrically safe?
Yes, we provide you with an electrical breaker known as a Residual Current Device (RCD) to ensure you’re kept safe from danger.
Will the hot tub be cleaned from the previous hiree?
Yes, we thoroughly clean each of our hot tubs after every use with our industry standard cleaning equipment.
Can hot tubs be hired during winter months?
Yes, we hire out our hot tubs all year round.
How much notice do you require for a booking?
We advise to book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. But in some circumstances short term notice may be adequate, so be sure to contact us either way with your requests.
Can I change the temperature of the water?
Yes, each of the hot tubs has a control unit to dictate the temperature of the water.
If I do not have outdoor access to my back garden, could the tubs be transferred through my house?
The Rio 5/6 seater is designed to go through a standard doorway, although it needs to go straight in and straight out through to the back as they will not navigate tight corners.
Does the hot tub come with a cover to use overnight?
Yes, we provide you with a thermal removable cover to place over the hot tub when not in use. This ensures that the water retains as much heat as possible, reducing your electricity costs.
Can I go into the hot tub if I have a pacemaker or other heart problems?
Hot tubs are not recommended for those with heart related problems. Please seek advice from a doctor or a medical practitioner if you are unsure.
Do you have public liability insurance?
Hot Tub Hire Yorkshire are fully covered with public liability insurance.
Do we need to drain/empty the tub before you collect it?
No, we will take care of this on collection of your hot tub.
What electricity costs does using the hot tub create?
Roughly 80p a day, depending how much you use the jets this could be slightly more expensive.
Is there a minimum age to rent a hot tub from Hot Tub Hire Yorkshire?
Yes, the minimum age to hire a hot tub with us is 18, although children of all ages are able to use the tubs as long as they are accompanied by an adult.
How much space do I need to fit a hot tub in my garden?
A flat even space of around 7ft by 7ft is adequate. This can be on grass or concrete. Those wishing to place on a raised wooden verandah should check the weight allowance that is safe to be placed on it.
Do your hot tubs have mood lighting?
Yes, our Tahiti 7/8 seater has mood LED lighting to create the perfect relaxing ambiance.
How many people will fit in the hot tubs?
We have 3 different sized tubs, our 3/4 seater Cyprus, 5/6 seater Rio along with our supersize 7/8 seater Tahiti.
Can I add anything to the hot tub, soap or bubble bath for instance?
No, apart from the supplied chlorine powder, nothing else should be added to the tub.
Do you require a deposit to book?
Yes, when you book the tub we send out a letter explaining procedures and ask you to sign the terms and conditions and return with a deposit.

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