Easter Hot Tub Hire

Hire a Hot Tub this Easter

Posted on March 5, 2013 · Posted in News

With the early arrival of Easter this year you would be forgiven for thinking 2013 is flying by. For those that are looking to slow things down this Easter, hiring a hot tub from Hot Tub Hire Yorkshire may just be the ideal solution. .

5 Reasons to Hire a Hot Tub over Easter

1. The Weather

Over the last few years the weather around the Easter period has been very pleasant, often putting the miserable recent summers we’ve had to shame. Our Easter hire customers have noted how they had never seen as much sun and that they were lucky enough to make the most of it with their garden spa.

Take a look at the graphs below that show how early Spring 2011 and 2012 have blossomed in comparison to the British summer. If we were to see a repeat of these temperatures it would make the perfect conditions for outdoor Easter relaxation.

Easter Temperatures 2011 & 2012

2. Save Money with a Staycation

With the extended 4 day weekend that Easter Bank Holiday brings (Friday 29th March – Monday 1st April) it’s often a popular time for couples, families and friends to seek a UK mini break. Instead of opting for the traditional weekend away, which can often be very costly with the rising transport costs and peak hotel prices, why not indulge in a staycation? Small changes, such as the addition of a hot tub and a well stocked fridge can make a big difference to how you view your home, and more importantly, how much fun you can have in it. So, why not save on spending and maximise on relaxation this Easter with a home spa?

3. School Holiday Saviour

If you have kids then you’ll know how difficult a 2 week absence from school can be when it comes to providing entertainment. Hiring a hot tub for a 4 or 7 day period is a fantastic way of passing the time and keeping children occupied. School Easter holiday dates vary across Yorkshire, but the typical break will stretch from Thursday 28th of March till Sunday 7th of April. Our 7 seater Tahiti hot tub is ideal for kids parties should any important birthdays or celebrations fall across the Easter holidays.

4. First Break of the Year

For a lot of people, Easter is the first break from work in the calendar year. Why not rejuvenate the body and mind with a home spa. As we found in our last blog post, spending time in a hot tub can have positive health benefits, in particular aiding muscle/joint pains and improving blood flow. The hydrotherapy jets in our Tahiti hot tubs provide a full body massage unlike anything else.

5. Please Everyone

Easter is typically a time spent with friends and family. With a hot tub for a minimum of 4 days, you’ll be able to entertain all your loved ones. Who knows, if you’ve got a hot tub you may just receive a few more eggs than usual this year!

Our Easter Delivery Schedule

Easter Hot Tub Deliveries

See below for our delivery and collection dates over Easter. Don’t forget, we deliver hot tubs across the region including Manchester and delivery is free within 20 miles of Leeds!

4 Day (Weekend)

  • Thursday 28th March – Monday 1st April
  • Thursday 4th April – Monday 8th April
  • Friday 5th April – Tuesday 9th April

4 Day (Midweek)

  • Monday 25th March – Friday 29th March
  • Monday 1st April – Friday 5th April

7 Day

  • Monday 25th March – Monday 1st April
  • Monday 1st April – Monday 8th April

How to Hire a Hot Tub this Easter

To make the process as simple as possible, please follow our quick step guide below:

  1. Select which size hot tub you require.
  2. Choose your preferred hire dates from the schedule outlined above.
  3. Let us know these preferences along with your location by making contact online or calling us on 01274 411842.

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