Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

Hot Tub Maintenance Tips from the Pool & Spa Industry

Posted on May 2, 2013 · Posted in Hot Tub Info

Keeping our hot tubs in great condition is a key area of our business here at Hot Tub Hire Yorkshire; with our hot tubs getting hired out on a regular basis it’s imperative that we clean them fully after each and every use using specialist cleaning chemicals and equipment.

Not only does this increase the usable life of a hot tub and keep it running at optimum, it also prevents any harmful build-up of bacteria or algae growth that thrives in warm temperatures.

By properly cleaning and sanitising our hot tubs we give our customers full peace of mind that when their hot tub is delivered it’s in sparkling condition ready to be enjoyed.

With all that mind, we’ve teamed up with various hot tub retailers and hot tub repair companies in the Pool & Spa Industry to compile a selection of the top hot tub maintenance tips the industry as to offer. Let’s take a look:

Tip 1 – Manage Your Chemistry Effectively

Adam Henige from says:

If you have more than one person taking care of your chemicals (spouse, kids, etc.) you’ll quickly realise that some are more adept at others at managing your chemistry.

I suggest keeping a journal for a month or two with the results of your testing kit and the amounts of chemicals added along with any other processes you manage (changing filters, etc.) Once you’ve done this for a month or so you can go through your notes and create a weekly or monthly calendar of maintenance to make sure everyone can manage standard chemistry and maintenance.

We keep ours on the fridge, and while sometimes chemistry and maintenance requires a little more time and attention, this helps us keep our hot tub running smoothly despite our busy schedules.

Tip 2 – Clean the Cover Regularly

A hot tub cover is an essential piece of kit especially throughout winter when leaves and various other debris are all over your garden, but just like your hot tub, it’s important you keep it clean and maintained.

Kaisa from has this tip to keep your cover looking pristine:

To keep your hot tub cover looking great, clean it once every 1-3 months with a non-abrasive cleaner, followed by the use of an oil-free protectant (such as 303 Protectant). This will keep the cover moisturised, prevent UV damage and keep it looking beautiful for years longer.

Tip 3 – Drain & Clean Your Hot Tub Regularly

We clean our hot tubs fully after every single use but if you have your very own hot tub in your back garden then you don’t have to do it as often.

Matt Giovanisci from SwimUniversity top tip is:

The most important spa care tip I can give is to drain and clean your hot tub every 3 to 4 months. A hot tub is like a giant bathtub. You wouldn’t leave your bath tub filled with the same water while everyone in your family used it, would you? Of course not, that’s insanely gross. The same goes for a hot tub. Draining and cleaning frequently keeps the water and your friends and family healthy.

Matt has even put together a hot tub water change calculator, so if you use your hot tub more than the average owner, you figure out how often you should replace the water in your spa. As well as this hand how to video on cleaning your hot tub:

View this video – How to Drain and Clean a Hot Tub

Tip 4 – Use Ozone Water Purifiers

If you live in a busy household then the ease of cleaning your hot tub and efficiency are very important, this is where Ozone water purifiers can come in very handy. Jake Ricks from explains them here:

Ozone sanitation is a great way to limit the chemicals needed to maintain your hot tub water. The process is pretty interesting. Here’s the quick version: Ozone (O3) is 3 oxygen molecules bound together. When O3 contacts impurities in the water it breaks apart and the oxygen molecules jump onto the nasty stuff chemically and it all turns to a gaseous state and floats off into the air. Ozone doesn’t eliminate the need for chemical sanitizers but it does decrease your need for them significantly. Some spa brands offer an ozone generator as standard equipment or you can have one installed after the fact.

Tip 5 – System Flush First

This tip from Alice Cunningham from Olympic Hot Tub is extremely useful if your hot tub has been out of action for a while especially over a harsh winter,

If your tub hasn’t been drained or maintained for a while, you can add a cleaner like SeaKlear System Flush® the night before draining so all the work on the shell doesn’t go to waste when you turn the jets back on. System Flush cleans out any mould, organic matter or bio-film from the plumbing lines. Let sit overnight and then drain. This cleans out all the gunk that you can’t see in pipes & jets ensuring a bacteria free clean start with your new water.

You can read their full guide to cleaning your hot tub shell that’s written by their Valet team here.

Bonus Tip – Schedule Your Filter Clean

This tip was provided by, Yorkshire’s only dedicated spa cleaning company.

Ensuring that your filter is clean and able to perform as efficient as possible is a top priotity. We recommend a 3 fold approach to doing this; once a week removes the filter and rinse with a garden hose. Be sure to spread the pleats out with your fingers to get all the hair and debris from with the folds. Once a month repeat this process, but at the same time spray a specially designed filter cartridge cleaner and leave to soak for around 30 minutes. After the wait give the filter a good hose down to remove the chemical residue before reinstalling it. Every 6 months a 24-hour filter soak is required. Completely submerge the cartridge in water and the right amount of cleaning fluid and rinse with fresh water the following day. We recommend undertaking this schedule for 12 months and then replace with a new filter.

Do you have any more top tips for maintaining a hot tub that wasn’t featured here? We’re always interested in new methods that increase efficiency or make cleaning easier.

And remember if you’d like to hire out one of our own sparkling clean hot tubs then please contact us.

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