Hot Tub Criteria and Usage Guide

Posted on August 8, 2012 · Posted in Hot Tub Info

It is no surprise that the most common questions potential customers ask us cover the criteria for accommodating a hot tub and the procedure for getting them up and running. Lucky for them, there’s not much hassle behind setting up and getting started with a hot tub in your garden. Simply view the checklist below and follow our guide and you too could be relaxing in one of our luxurious hot tubs in no time.

What you need

  • Level area of about 7ft x 7ft
  • Water supply and hose
  • Access to a 13 amp standard power supply

Filling and Heating Procedure

After we have positioned the tub in desired location we will then start to fill and add chemicals. Once the chlorine has been added we will clearly go through the following stages with you to ensure that you’re comfortable with the necessary steps to fill and heat the tub. A detailed help sheet will also be provided.

  • Connect the hose to a water source and begin filling the hot tub
  • Fill to within 2 inches of the top of the tub
  • Plug in the RCD plug and press reset
  • Press the JET button three times to purge the system of air, leaving the jets on low speed
  • The tub temperature is factory set to 36 degrees, press warm until it reads 40 degrees
  • Cover the tub and allow to reach temperature which takes 8 – 12 hours (alternatively if you have a tap adapter you can hot fill – see below)

Hot Filling

If you wish to hot fill you will require an adapter for your tap. B&Q supply a range of adaptors to suit various tap fittings that allow the hose to be connected to a tap, thus making use of the hot water available. See here for an example tap adapter, please remember that this may not necessarily fit your tap and should only be used as a guide. The advantage of hot filling is that you can be in your tub within 1 hour of us leaving instead of waiting the standard 8-12 hours it will normally take the tub to heat the water.

Using the Hot Tub

Once the water has reached the desired 40 degrees temperature its now raring to go. Simply:

  • Open the air bleed valve and remove the float
  • Press jets for off, low and high modes
  • The jets automatically return to low after 15 mins
  • If required, press the LED light for 8 different colours

Testing the Water

During the hire the water needs to be monitored for chlorine content. Enough chlorine will be added for the hire period but needs to be checked daily from day 2. From this point please use the following procedure to monitor and add additional chlorine;

  • Dip test using the strips we provide
  • If the end goes any shade of blue/purple enough chlorine is present
  • If it stays white add 1 tablespoon of granular chlorine (which we provide) directly into the water and you can use the tub after 10 minutes

Before collection

On the day of collection we will empty the hot tub, we simply require you to:

  • Unplug the RCD breaker
  • Place the steps in a dry carrier bag

Hopefully we’ve answered any hot tub rental requirement queries you may have had. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch or call 01274 411842 to speak to one of our hot tub experts.